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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Three days into the year and I have been thinking of my goals for this year with family research. What would I like to accomplish this year.

Goal 1 Get my family note books in order with any papers laying around filed. I like to use notebooks rather than files. That way when some one visits I can just pull out to share with them what I have found.
I am separating my family notebooks into four colors for each main Surname.
Red is be my mother's fathers side
Yellow is my mother's mothers side
Blue is my father's father's side
Green is my father's mothers side
I will be starting with each note book having a family group sheet in chronologal order youngest to oldest, with a divider tab labeled Direct Line parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.
Collateral lines will be in chronological order in the same note book with a divider line labeled collateral to file papers on my direct ancestors siblings.
As the notebooks grow I will need to add note books. My father's side alread has 2 or 3 notebooks but they do need organizing. My mother's mother will be very small needing only one note book to start.
This is what I plan to do this week getting what I have already done in the correct order and filing any papers laying around as time allows.

All of my family papers are placed in mylar page protectors so will need to stock up on more of these and some more divider pages will be on the to buy list.

Goal 2 will be to get my family tree program updated with all the information I have found on ancestry.

Goal 3 to begin collecting death certificates of my ancestors that I do not have. Hopefully this will give me some information I may not have as of yet.

Goal 4 is to find tombstones of my family members that I have not found of yet that are posted on the internet.

Goal 5 is to work on some brick walls. I have a lot of information on all lines except my mother's mothers side. There is one brick wall after another. The only way I can solve one brick wall is with DNA and finding just the right person to get the DNA from. Another brick wall is to work on my family that came from Ireland. Finding the right ship, were there any other family members that came with them from Ireland and going from there. Both my great great grandparents came with their family members and then met and married after arriving into the United States.

Each of these goals will be divided into steps and worked on over the next few months. Hopefully will have a lot of this done by Spring so I can do some traveling and do some research. I would love to find some of my distant relatives and meet for coffee and just get to know them. Especially those that come from one of my brick wall lines.

Will share with you as I accomplish these first goals. Have you set any goals for yourself as of yet? If not this may be just the time to start. Grace

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