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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sepia Saturday Theme - Hats 14 January 2012 All Dressed In Their Hats

 The theme for today's Sepia Saturday is HATS. Perfect time to dig out some old family photos of hats.
 The above picture is of my grandma Grace Daly Esler Day and grandpa Bill Day. They are pictured in their Sunday go to meeting hats. I think they look adorable. This is dated 1945 or 1946.

Next is a picture of my mother and great aunt Mary wife of my uncle Wayne Esler. It is marked 1948 and was taken in San Antonio Texas. Since that is the year I was born I am guessing my mom is pregnate with me just a few months. I loved my great aunt Mary, she had a warm smile and laugh and wore bright red nail polish. No one else in my family wore nail polish so as a child I always thought she was so daring. I love her hat tilted to the side. Boy she was so cute and adorable.

I love to see pictures of my mom before she got polio. It is fun to see her in pretty shoes. Once she had polio she no longer could wear pretty shoes like these pictured. She wore sturdy shoes and a brace on one leg.

And last picture is a wonderful vintage cabinet photo of some relatives of mine. Not sure who they are as of yet but are related on my great grandma Katherine Gallaghers side of the family. Her mother my great great grandma Joanna's maiden name was Riordan. This picture was in a vintage family album. On the paper of album is written May and Frank Riordan.
This family is full of brick walls. Maybe I can start breaking down some walls with this family album full of old cabinet photos.
I am sharing this over at Sepia Saturday. Hope that you have enjoyed seeing a couple of my vintage photos. Grace


  1. I love your memory of Aunt Mary's nail polish. Those funny little details really bring a person to life.

  2. The little boy is hanging on to his hat tightly. I hope it wasn't just a photographer's prop.

  3. Lovely pictures and stories Grace, but how sad that your lovely mother should be struck down by polio. I read the links and her letter, she seems to have been a remarkable lady

  4. You mother looks lovely in that picture, I'm sad to read about the polio.

  5. This was a fun theme! I got feedback from the guys in my family wondering why they were underrepresented!

  6. Love the children & their hats! delightful!

  7. There are some wonderful hats there, it is well worth enlarging each photograph to see them in detail. Welcome to Sepia Saturday - glad to have you on board.

  8. Your grandparents look very serious, appropriate for Sunday church, I guess. I love the photo of your mom and aunt. They both look so happy. It's sand that your mother got polio and couldn't wear fun shoes anymore. Thanks for sharing the photos.