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Monday, January 31, 2011

Matrilineal Monday Alta Cheauvront Coleman

This picture is of Alta, John and family.

Matrilineal Monday is the female line of a family. I have the Cheuvront line back to France with Joseph coming over to the United States before the Revolutionary War.

Alta Cheuvront is my great great grandmother on my father's side of the family.

Alta Angeline was born to Lemuel and Mary A (Rouse) Cheuvront on 27 of May 1848 in Four Corners, Knox county, Ohio. She had four siblings may have been a fifth sibling an infant who died but not sure at this moment. Siblings were Sarah Ann, Lourinda, Thomas Jefferson, Catherine A.

Picture is of Lemuel, Mary, with Alta Angeline, Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Ann. Daughter Lourinda was not living at the time of picture being taken.

On the first of July in 1866 Alta married John Henry Coleman. To this marriage five children. Elic Lemuel (1868-1944), Mabel Jane (1872- 1946) my great grandmother, Elmer Coleman 1875 -????, Myrtle Alta (1876- 1939), Mary (1890-????).

The 1880 census has them living in Salt Creek, Cass county, Nebraska. Living with John and Alta are Mabel, Elmer, Myrtle and Mary.

Life was not easy during the 1880's in Nebraska. They had hard winters and storms.

According to Andreas History of the State of Nebraska Cass county.
The winter of 1856 was an unusually severe one, its rigors being felt more keenly in contrast with the pleasant winters preceding it. From 1871 to 1876 came the grasshopper scourge, devastating very much of the West. The severest loss from this was in 1875 with a loss of about one third of the whole crop.In 1871, a hail storm, traversing the northern tier of precincts, cut and damaged the grain badly. In 1875 a tornado swept the country from north to southeast, beating down the grain much of was already ripe.In the winter of 1880 - 1881 was a unusually hard one. The latter part and early spring having a lot of rain. This prevented the farmers from planting their corn until later and by then the ground was cold and damp and much of what they did plant did not grow.

The 1885 census has the family can be found in the suburbs of Hebron Village, Thayer county, Nebraska. Living with John and Alta are children Alexander, Mabel, Elmer, Myrtle and Mary.

The 1900 census has them living in Rockford, Garfield County, Nebraska. Living with them is daughter Mary.

1910 and 1920 census has Alta living in Taylor, Loup county , Nebraska with husband John. The 1920 census daughter Mabel Hall and granddaughter Pearl is living with them. Mabel's husband Arthur Hall had passed away in 1919.

Husband John Coleman passed away September 20, 1922.

1930 Alta is living in Sargent, Custer, Nebraska with daughter Mary Wirsic and son in law John and granddaughter Irma age 21.

Alta passes away 28th of September 1937 in Taylor, Loup county, Nebraska at the age of 89. She lived most of her life in Nebraska as the wife of John. John was a farmer and a carpenter.

Lots of dates known in Alta's life. Want I need to do is find where her and John are buried in Nebraska.