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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing Challenge My Family History Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the writing challenge. February 1st has come and gone
I had chosen my ancestor as my 5th great grandfather Joseph Cheuvront.
I had written out my story idea in bullet form with planning to start my story with Joseph arriving in New York in 1773.
But after the challenge came to write our first sentence, I decided to begin with the day Joseph was dying. I had found his last words at the National Archives and remember to this day the feeling I had as I read them.
 I wrote that first sentence the last night of January and when I was done I had written over 250 words.

On Saturday, 24, 1832 his speech failing, he motioned for a slate, and wrote on it, " I want a plain coffin, and to be buried in a winding sheet, and brother George Collins to preach at my funeral." As he handed it to one of his sons he said, " I want you to see to it. "
Day 1 came and wanted to find just the right time to start writing. I wanted time that I could be quiet and just think and write. That afternoon I sat and wrote out some of the story of his last day and his last words.  I then went back to France and Joseph as a young teen, I wrote how I saw him physically and how he probably was and felt coming to grips with religion and the choices he wanted to make with his life. Day 1 was over and I had a total of 793 words written.
Day 2 is here of my family writing challenge and it is time to be quiet and get back to my story.


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