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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Here is a picture of George and Selma Johnson Day that I think may be a wedding photo of them.

They were married in 1892 in Big Stone County, Minnesota. Together they had a total of eleven children with at least four of them passing away at an early age.
George is one of my great granduncles.
He passed away suddenly in a robbery in 1928 in Duluth Minnesota.  I have gone to the library and gotten copies of the news articles of the shooting.  While at the police department yesterday to dispute a parking ticket, I asked a police man behind the desk if they kept records that old. I got a strange look and the answer no.  I guess the only one interested in a 1928 shooting of a everyday guy would be a relative hooked on family history.  I will some day ask some one else at the police department to see if I get the same answer.
I am hooked on uncle George and want to know more about him.  I have the feeling life was not easy for him.  Losing at least four children at an early age.  Moving to Duluth for work and wife staying in another town with two of their children. And then dying at the age of 59 in a shooting and questions about his death by the police.  I need to get to the library to see if I find any more information on him or if he was just forgotten by everyone except for his family.

I am thinking of you uncle George rest in peace .. Grace

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