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Monday, February 6, 2012

Writing Challenge My Family Day 5

Writing Challenge My Family Day 5

Day 5 was Super Bowl Sunday, hubby and I are not really into football but we were invited to son’s house for some good grub and I do love to watch the commercials. We left at half time and headed home to watch something else that was on our watch list. If I told you what we wanted to see on TV you would scratch your head and go " You got to be kidding".

To keep my Internet time in control we headed to McDonald’s after church and spent several hours there. I did not go much further in time but instead added depth to what I had written. I separated the sections of my writing more so I can see what I am doing. So far I have 2747 words written so I was able to add a bit over 500 words. I am enjoying what I am doing with putting down Joseph Cheuvront's story on paper and look forward to continue with his family.

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