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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Writing Challenge My Family Day 4

Today I spent my time writing at McDonalds again. I am up to 2223 words in my story. Lots of editing needs to be done but that will be done with the second draft. I spent time adding some history to my story yesterday so did not really get past the year 1802. I feel like I am back in school and studying history except this time it is in context with my family’s history. I spent my time reading about the border warfare or the history of the settlement by the whites in northwest Virginia. On my to do list is to find a copy of the Chronicles of Border Warfare: the Colonial & Indian Wars of the Early American Frontier 1742-1795 written by Alexander Scott Withers. After I finished with my daily writing I spent time on the Internet using Swagsearch to search for more history that would fit into my story. I think today went well with my writing. Will be interesting to see where day 5 takes me. One thing I have learned is I did not do my writing outline with enough details. It was to basic to start. Will do different the next time I write a family story.

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