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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Just this week I have come across 3 vintage/ antique highschool year books from schools in my hometown of Duluth, Minnesota

I found a copy of The Central Duluth the Zenith 1915, then a copy of Duluth Cathedral 1927
and then tonight at auction I was able to buy a copy of Duluth Central 1914.
What 3 wonderful pieces of history that would be a perfect addition to family history.
Sadly I do not have any family living in Duluth at this time. My grandparents did not move to Duluth until about 1943.
These great books not only offer pictures of some one ancestors but also can give us a glimpse into how life may have been.
If you have family members who were seniors during these years you may find a picture of them in these books.  I will be selling these on eBay and hope that family members find them.

Until I sell the year books,  I have them if you want me to look up a name. 

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