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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today for Wordless Wednesday ~  Almost Wednesday since I rarely can be totally quiet, I am sharing another photo from my Gallagher / Gallaher family albums.

This is a funeral cabinet photo. Not sure if family or friend of the family. Bottom middle group of flowers has spelt out in middle " Our Friend "  The top left side flowers are in the shape of a cross. On the left hand side middle row of flowers also looks like a cross.

Right above middle set of flowers is a picture of a young man. He appears to be in his late teens to very early 20's.

There is no notation in album on the page photo was placed that tells me who this friend was. The album belonged to my great grand Aunt Mary Gallagher sister of my great grandma Katherine.

The photographer was Spettel Brothers of LaCrosse Wisconsin. Photo was probably taken late 1890's
Thanks for stopping by, hope that you will take a moment and look at some of my other posts. Should you think we may be related to each other I would love to hear from you. Grace


  1. Mary Gallagher wouldn't have happened to have lived in a big stone house in a small town in Ontario Canada, did she? If she did, you and I might very well be related. I'm pretty sure I am a direct descendant of someone by that name (the last name I am confidant of, and first name I am fairly sure), and it was in searching for a photo of that home (which is now a "historical" home but is still occupied by her distant grandchildren, who would be my *many* times "removed" cousins) that I came across your blog. Please let me know what you think/know? I don't have many details about that part of my family history here in front of me, but my grandmother has an extensive account (a huge binder!) and I'm sure she'd let me look it over and share with you if you think there could be a connection. Thank you!
    *Sarah Brayman