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Monday, February 27, 2012

Family History Writing Challenge Day 14 to 26 Time Challenges

Family history writing challenge days 14 through 26 have not been very productive with writing my family story of Joseph Cheuvront and his family.
Working one weekend at a sports show and then life has caused me to delay getting back to writing.
Writing our family history has to be part of every day if we want to accomplish their and our story. Even if I had set just a few minutes a day I would of gotten further than I have.
No matter what, I am further along with my story than I was before the start of the month.

I have enjoyed what I have written and will continue with the Cheuvront story, because it is my families story.
I have started with Joseph's dying words, then gone into some of his life. There is much more to write there. I have researched some of the history at that time and how life was for the wife of the family.
 I then jumped to the last Cheuvront in my direct family line my great great grandmother Alta 1848 to 1937. I will write more on her life and than work backwards to Joseph's last days.

This picture is from the Schaffer Pioneer Cemetery history book. My Alta is back row on the right hand side. Sitting in front row is parents Lemuel and Mary Rouse Cheuvront. Back row on left is Sarah Ann Cheuvront Metheny and brother Thomas Jefferson Cheuvront. Sister Lourinda had passed away when picture was taken.
Are your writing your families story yet? If not why not start, even if it is a few words each week it will be the start of something to pass on to your family

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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