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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who will you find in the 1940 census? Who do you want to remember?

Who will you find in the 1940 census? Who do you want to remember? Who do you want to find? Who will show up for the first time in the census reports and who will not show up?
When the 1940 U.S. Federal Census is opened to the public this April 2nd, we will have a peek into every one of 132 million who were living. We will see their names, where they lived, who lived with them in their house, and even where they were five years earlier.
I like this part, the part of where they were living five years before. Ten years is a long time if some moves about alot. They can become lost to us.
I plan to spend this next month working on those that were living in 1940.  Update what I have on them and note what I am missing in my family tree.
Check out the link above to see what the 1940 census form looked like. I was able to print it and how have a hard copy to look at. This link was found on ancestry and by updating my family tree I will start to get links as they become available.
So when the 1940 census becomes available it will be time to dive into it as soon as it is available. To do this I need to know where my family was living in the 1930 census. The 1930 census gave us their address in the first two columns of the census. Rural addresses were not always included, but we can find county, town, township, and other residence-identifying information.
All four of my grandparents were living as were my parents.
My father's siblings were alive, John, George, twin sister Alice and Joe.
My paternal great grandmother Rachel Millsap Zion was living as were her children, my grandpa Perry's siblings. That was Norton, Mary, Anna and Bessie.
My other paternal great grandma Mabel Coleman Hall was living as were her children, my grandma Alta's sibling. That would be Mae and Pearl.
On my maternal side my mother had 2 siblings alive my aunt Daisy and uncle Don. Two siblings died at birth.
My maternal grandfather William's mother Carrie was alive as was six of his seven siblings.  That would be Morris, Fairfax, Bernard, Gladys, Grace and Lester. Brother Dewey passed away in 1929
And my maternal grandmother Grace's mother Katherine was alive if the census was taken before her death the 19th of March 1940. I do not know about my grandma Grace's father Andrew Daly at this time.  Grandma had two half siblings Wayne and Merle who were living and her step sister Tillie and step brother Russel were living.
Interesting to note all three known great grandfathers had passed away before the 1940 census. I have no great great grandparents living. The last one Alta Cheuvront passing away in 1937.
plus there has to be many more distant relatives living my great grandparents had siblings that lived into the 1940's so lots to search for and hopefully some interesting stories to find.
Only 33 days until census comes out and I can not wait.  Are you counting down the days.
Thanks for stopping by..Grace

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