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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Friday, February 10, 2012


This week's photos involve people holding or reading books. I love books and have since a child. My sister and I would walk weekly to the library every Saturday.
A beautiful old building that wa a palace to me. The books I wanted were on the top floor and you got there by taking a set of stairs. The floor was glass so you could see the people below you.  I still love to think of that wonderful place of my childhood.

When I got home I would lay in the grass of a private club called the Kitchi Gammi Club. It was a block away from our home. No one ever chased this little girl away who could lay for hours on their property.
Other times I would walk a block away and sit on the steps of this apartment building. There was statues of lions at the end. Today the building is in terrible repair and I feel so sad when I see the building of my childhood memories.

And best of all when I grew up this little girl owned her own used bookstore with her dear hubby. We even had two bookstores at one time. Dreams can come true. Retirement came and we closed down both stores but I still love to go into used bookstores, to go to estate sales and head directly to the book shelves. 

I love the feel of books and the smell of books and I still love to go to our local library.

 This building is new and modern, but if you go to the second floor and wander into this one area you will once again be surrounded with beautiful bookshelves, books and funiture.  Of course this is the genealogy area and dreams happen there too while searching for family history.

So while I have no sepia pictures at this moment, I do have great memories of books. Will have to take a search through my family pictures for something in the color of sepia.

I will be sharing this over at Sepia Saturday, stop in for a moment and see what others are sharing.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little girl's memories of books. Grace


  1. Owning a bookshop must have been fun. You must have read thousands of books. That set of red books is impressive - it makes me wonder what they where.

    Incidentally I think you have forgotten to post your link. I found you via the Sepia Saturday sidebar.

  2. Last night the link was not available to me and I will try now thanks for stopping by Grace

    The red books were a wonderful set of Ellery Queen mysteries

  3. I love used bookstores too. In fact, I much prefer to buy used than new.

  4. I am sure that all bloggers love books and bookshops, there is such a connection between the writing we do in our posts and the pleasure of reading, whether it be books or the posts of our fellow-bloggers.

  5. It's funny how many people have fond memories of walking to the local library. I don't imagine kids of this generation have that experience.

  6. I love secondhand bookshops too - great places for a good rummage in the shelves. We lived miles away from our local library when I was a child, so I only starting using libraries regularly as an adult :-) Jo (at imagespast.wordpress.com)