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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fearless Females ~ Post 12 ~ Working Girl

Fearless Females ~ March 12 ~ Working Girl

Meet My Great Aunt 3x Removed the Postmistress of Greenwood Nebraska ... Catherine Coleman

One of my favorite working females is Catherine Coleman who I found at ancestry who was a post mistress. She never married and devoted her life to her family and career. You can read about her on an earlier post here.

Women were encouraged to not marry if they wanted to work in the postal system in the early 1900's. Catherine never married and in the 1930's census she is listed living alone and renting
Thanks for stopping by to read about my fearless females. .. Grace

Fearless Females Post 11 ~ Tragic or Unexpected Deaths

Fearless Females ~ March 11 Tragic or Unexpected Deaths. To me I find the death of my grandmother Alta tragic since she died in the middle of her life of cancer to the brain. I never was able to meet her but I have letters that she wrote to my parents those last months. She was always so upbeat but her hand writting was changing.

Grandma Alta Hall Zion born June 26, 1892 in Evansville Wisconsin to Arthur R and Mabel (Coleman) Hall.

Alta married Perry June 11, 1913 in Taylor, Nebraska. They had 5 children, John, George, Alice , Arthur ( my dad) and Joe .

Grandma Alta died February 21, 1944 in Winlock Wisconsin.

I treasure the letters of have from her as some of her vintage china and the fact that my middle name is her name. It is my connection to this wonderful wife, mother, daughter and grandmother.

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