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Friday, January 27, 2012


I  love to spend time at the Duluth down town library. Not only am I surrounded with wonderful books but the walls that do not have books have art from Duluth's past.
Today I picked the book " Irish Family Names Arms, Origins and and Locations by Brian de Breffny to look through. This book was written in 1982.
I know of at least three Irish names in my family line. There is
Daly who was the biological father of my grandmother
Gallaher Gallagher my grandmother's mothers family name from her father side
Riordan my grandmother's mother's family name on her mothers side.

Daly the surname is among the thrity commonst in Ireland; it is most heavily distributed in Munster and then in Leinster with about half the number in that province living in Ulster and in Connacht.  The O'Dalaigh sept had its territory in Co. Westmeath in the barony of Magheradernon which now forms part of the baqrony of Moyashel and Magheradernon.  Branches of the sept established themselves in other parts of the country, notably in Co. Galway, Co. Clare, Co. Cavan and Co. Cork where they flourished and multiplied, accounting for the numerous Daly descendants to be found today - about 15 to 17,000 in Ireland, and many thousands more in Britain, Canada, the United States of America,m and other countries of the Irish diaspora.  There are a few O'Daly families in Ireland who have reassumed the preflix O' as the returns of the Registar of Births in the last century only show this surname in use without its prefix.

Gallagher the O Gallchobhair sept from which Gallagher famies are descended, held a territory in the south east of Co. Donegal in the baronies of Tirhugh and Raphoe with a sept centre at Barrynaglack near Stranorlar.  Although Gallagher and O' Gallagher rank among the twenty most commonest surnames in Ireland, the distribution is still markedly concentrated close to the original territory of the sept.  At the beginning of this century two fifths of all the Gallaghers in Ireland were still to be found in Co. Donegal.  Despite 20th century population movements this pattern is still notable, with a predominace of the name outside the capital, in Co. Donegal and the neighboring Derry, Tyrone and Sligo.

Riordan O'Riordan the O'Riordans are another family to have resumed the use of the prefix O', thus reversing the situation at the end of the last century when Riordans outnumbered O'Riordans.  They are still found mainly in Munster where the O'Riordain sept was located in Co. Tipperary. The townland of ballyreardon in Barrymore barony Co. Cork commemorates the home of a branch of the spet which established itself there.

I think that my great great grandmother Joanna Riordan came from Cork. The maritime county of Cork, in Munster, is bounded by the sea on the south, and the south east. To the east it has land boundries with the counties of Waterford and tipperary, to the North with Limerick, and to the west with Kerry. At the time my ancestors were living in Ireland they were part of the labouring poor. Many  inhabited one room mud built cabins with an unglazed window aperture and a smoke hole instead of a chimney. There diet was equally miserable, often almost only potatoes.

As I look at pictures of Ireland I see beauty, but as I read statements about Ireland in the mid 1800's and how my ancestors lived I do not see beauty. I see a poor group of people who traveled the ocean for a better life. No matter what their struggles were to get here and what happened to them after they got here was still better than what they left as far as living conditions.

Chances my Gallaghers and Dalys came from that same area and their lives were the same as the Riordans.
 On my to do list is to see if I can find out where my Gallaghers and Dalys were living in Ireland before immigrating to the US. When they immigrated and on what ship they came on. .

If you think you may be related to me through these names or any others listed I would love to hear from you. Grace

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Time line on PATRICK GALLAHER / GALLAGHER what do I know so far?

between 1830 and 1838 born in Ireland parents unknown at this time. The 1870 census has him 32 years old while the 1880 census has him at 50 years old. Same family members listed so is the same family.
abt 1850 or so arrived in the United States. Would think he arrived through New York. Would be about 12 years so when he arrived if this is true. This is when most of the Irish came to the United States. Most arrived between 1849 and 1851.
1866 April daughter Mary born
abt 1868 12 of March daughter Bridget born. Do not have exact dates of birth
abt 1869 December 15th son William born. Do not have exact dates of birth
1870 living in Hamburg, Vernon county, Wisconsin with wife Joanna and daughter Mary age 4, daughter Bridget age 2 and son William age 7 months. Census reports that all children were born in Wisconsin. Mary was born April of 1866 so were in Wisconsin as of this time. Real Estate property is listed at value of $1100 and personal property at $600. Patrick is listed as a farmer.
1880 living in Hamburg still living in the home is daughter Mary age 14, daughter Bridget age 12, son William age 10 and Kathreen age 7. This is my great grandmother. Patrick is listed as a farmer.
1895 living in Bergen, Vernon, Wisconsin. Living in the home is 2 males and 2 females. 2 are foreign born and 2 are US born. This would be Patrick, wife Joanna, daughter Mary who would be about 29 years old and son William who would be about 26 years old. Neither ever married.
1898 3rd of January Patrick passed away in LaCrosse County Wisconsin about 60 years old. Wife Joanna lived until 12 of July 1902

the 1870 census has her at 30 years old and born about 1840 while the 1880 census has her at 47 years and born about 1833. The 1900 census has her born Aug 1833 and age 66. She is widowed and mother of 5 children with 4 children living. Living with her is Mary and William. All 5 children are living at this time so not sure why it says only 4 are living. Is this an error or does this mean she has disowned one of the children. If she did consider one of her children dead it would of been my great grandmother Katherine.
Son William does not pass away till 1912 and Joanna dies on the 12 of July 1902. This is a mystery to me.

To do list on both Patrick and Joanna
death certificate for Patrick
death certificate for wife Joanna
Where are Patrick and Joanna buried?
 I know that son William buried the Catholic Cemetery in LaCrosse Wisconsin. Daughter Bridget and Bridget's husband buried there also. Location of Cemetery is 519 Losey Blvd South LaCrosse Wisconsin
When did Patrick come to the US and who with
When did Joanna come to the US and who with

Not proven as of yet
1860 census Annsville, Oneida, New York there is listed
Patrick Gallagher 30 years old making his year of birth about 1830
Joanna Gallagher 26 years old making her year of birth about 1834
this very well could be my great great grandparents.

There was a Joanna Riordan who arrived New York 15th of October 1851 on the ship Lockwood. They have her age 18 coming from Cork. This would be about the right age for my Joanna.  Also listed is a Marlin Riordan age 35 years old. Very well and probably is a relative.

To be continued. Grace


Among the old family treasures that were passed down are 4 vintage postcards addressed to my great grand aunt Mary Gallaher. She is the sister of my great grandma Katherine Gallaher / Gallagher mother of my Grandma Grace

The first one is dated February 12, 1916. Mary is living in Mora, Minnesota where her sister lives.
Post card is written in pencil so hard to read but what I can make out is
Dear Aunt
Received your card was glad to hear from you
Mary got a boy Feb 4th named him James, he
weighed 9 1/2 pounds.
Alda Davidson married a man out in Texas
next two words I can not make out
signed Catherine

Catherine is the daughter of Bridget who is Mary's sister, the mentioned new mother. I find it an interesting chose that she writes a message of new baby on this post card picturing the Oak Grove Mausoleum in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

If you think we are related through this family or any other mentioned family I would love to hear from you. Grace

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today is Wordless Wednesday or Almost Wordless Wednesday for me. I am sharing two mystery relative of mine.  These photos were found in a family albums belonging to my great grandma Katherine Gallagher/ Gallaher or her sister Mary Gallagher.

 First question is the last name. Which way is it spelled. Their Irish accent could make it sound like their is no G.

This is the first photo. It is marked M Gallaher, M could mean Mr or maybe could be a first initial. Only the writer of this album would know, my guess is Mr.
My Patrick Gallagher/ Gallaher arrived from Ireland around 1850 maybe.  I know nothing as of yet of this family before they arrived in Wisconsin. I am not sure what port they came into, maybe New York.
My thoughts are that this could be a photo of a brother of my great great grandfather Patrick and while my Patrick moved to Wisconsin this Gallagher traveled to Ontario.
He appears to be an older gentleman well dressed.

The second photo is of a young girl from the early 1900's or very late 1890's. The name is Rose in the album, she also is well dressed. I am guessing she is about 12 years old. She could be the young daughter of the above man or maybe even a grand daughter.
Both photos are taken in Guelph Ontario by Dobereiner and Ward.

These albums are full of photos. Some identified and some not. I am hoping with the census reports and these pictures I can put some of the history together. A trip to LaCrosse Wisconsin and Winona Minnesota is in the plans for this year to search for more information.

I have had contact with a distant cousin who has information on this family from the court house. She mentioned that she would share some of these items with me but sadly never came through.

If you think you may be related to me through this or any other family listed I would love to hear from you.  Grace

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tombstone Tuesday is a daily prompt at Geneabloggers which asks bloggers to create a post including an image of a gravestone of one or more ancestors; it may also include a brief description of the image or the ancestor

John Jr Day is my 6th great grandfather on my mother's side.  John was born on the 24th of September 1676 in Hartford, Connecticut.
He died on the 4th of November 1752 in Colchester, New London, Connecticut.

John married Grace Spencer about 1696 and together they had twelve children. Grace was born in 1675 and died in 1749
I am descendant from his son Isaac Day who married Ann Foote.

If you think we may be related from any family mentioned I would love to hear from you.
John is buried in Colchester Cemetery in Colchester, Connecticut.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sepia Saturday 109 21st January 2012 Dolls Are The Theme Creepy Is My Pick

This weeks theme for Sepia Saturday is dolls. Last night I was busy working on updating my family research and spaced out taking a look at this weeks theme.

My first thought was that I would not find any old family photos with dolls. My baby photos had stuffed animals. On second look at this photo I see what is a doll on the left hand side.

The pretty baby is me of course and I am in my little tub. Mama writes there was no water in it so I am safe I guess. The note says I am chewing on my yellow duck. This picture would of been taken in 1949 and we were living in Texas, probably Baytown Texas.

I think the doll actually looks a little creepy, I sure did not have much hair at this time.

I love these old family photos. Thanks for stopping by for Sepia Saturday. I am sharing this over at Sepia Saturday. Take a look at others offerings on this weeks theme. Grace