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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sepia Saturday: Made for Walking It Is All About The Shoes Vintage Family Photos

Sepia Saturday: Made for Walking is all about the shoes is this Saturday's challenge.

Here are a couple old pictures of cuties in shoes. The first one is of me and my cousin Bonnie taken in 1951 Boyton Texas. I would of been about 3 and Bonnie 2 years old. We seem to be wearing matching dresses and shoes.

The next picture is just to adorable.  This one was found in my mother's family's pile of photos. It is of Juanita Halvorson a cousin of my mother's. She is so sweet looking with the curly hair and smiling face. Look at how the socks bunch up at her ankles. I will have to share this at ancestry on my family tree so other family members can have it.

Juanita was the step daughter of my great grandmother Katherine. Juanita's mother was Tillie and I do remember her with fond thoughts and always thought of her as my grandmother's sister and knew nothing of this step relationship.
I hope that you enjoy some of my family photos of shoes. I will be sharing these over at Sepia Saturday.  Grace