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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Friday, March 9, 2012


Facial hair is the focus of this week’s SepiaSaturday.

My father and grandfather's were clean shaven but go back a couple of generations and I have some pretty hairy relatives.

This is John W Zion my great great grandfather born on 28 November 1831 in Indiana
and died on the 22nd of April1920 in Missouri.  He married Mary Cassell  and is related to me on my fathers side of the family.

This is Flavious Millsap with his wife Anna Woodmansee. Flavious was born on the 10 November1832 in Indiania and died on the 10 of April 1910 in Syracus Kansas. He is my great great grandfather on my father's side.

On my mother's side of the family we have more hairy great great grandfather's

This is Dwight Henry Day my great grand grandfather. He was born the 7th of August 1829 in New York and died on the 30 of June 1913 in Hammond Minnesota.

One more great great grandfather is Patrick Gallagher who was born in Ireland in 1830 and died on the 3rd of January 1898 in LaCrosse Wisconsin

Hope that you have enjoyed meeting some of my great great grandfather's hairy faces. Take a peek at others on Sepia Saturday postings by clicking link at top of the page. Grace

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Four Rules To Help You Do Your Family History Research

Oops I just got my hand spanked.  I had read a great article on rules to help you with your family tree research.  I guess I thought by giving full credit to the writer and linking to her I was praising her work and sending people to her writing and blog. I was wrong. I broke a copyright rule and got spanked by her. So I have rewritten my posting and taking her out all together.  So watch out guys even though I wanted to show how this helped me do my research I broke the copyright laws.

I love and hate Internet Research sites. So much of the information is just copied from tree to tree with wrong material being added and then it just multiples.
I love ancestry and have belonged for over a year. I love being able to find the census forms, possible family pictures and hooking up to possible relatives. But when I see my family trees in others trees and family members are just jumbled up with no thought I want to scream.

My last example was
1. My great grandma Katherine Gallagher Esler who is married to Appleton Esler. They married and had two children together Merle and Wayne.
2. Appleton was married at least once before and had two children these children are now Katherine's step children. This is Tillie and Russell
3. Katherine had my grandma Grace before she married Appleton.  Time period was early 1890's she did not marry the father whose name is Andrew.  My grandma is the half sister to Appleton and Katherine's children and step sister to Appleton's first two children. 
I will find trees that combine all children under Appleton and Katherine and that is bad enough, but what really got to me is to see the woman named Sarah who married the father ( Andrew ) of my grandma Grace now married to Appleton.
Appleton and Sarah never married and I am sure they never met. How some one happens to connect these two different families is amazing. All you have to do is click on Sarah's name and up comes Andrew.
I contacted this person to tell them of their error but who knows if they will ever even read my message and correct this stupid error that will be passed on and on.

Here are five rules to help with my family researching

Rule 1: Do Not Assume  Example is while working on one of my family lines recently, my research has the parents born in New York but as I am looking at different census one year had the mother born in Conn all other census reports say New York.  Either the census reporter wrote down the wrong name or who gave the information gave the wrong place of birth. Just because it is written does not make it true.  

Rule 2: Do Your Own Research  Go beyond the internet or just one census report or the death certificate or even the tombstone pictured on the internet. Use these as clues but look further find city directories these are a great source.  Search for family members who may have that missing information.
I am searching for the above Andrew in the first part of my blog story.  He never married Katherine after or before Grace was born.  All I have is a picture of Andrew.  I think I have found the right Andrew in the census but I am NOT posting this picture there on Ancestry.  What if it is the wrong one.
What I have found is a picture of Mary the sister of Andrew.  I have printed it and compared side by side. I see a resemblance but is it wishful thinking.  I have emailed the ancestor member who put up the picture of Mary to see if she might have a picture of Andrew. A picture of Andrew that matches my picture. Oh how I wish she would get back to me, but she  has not been there for over 6 months so I am not holding out much faith there.  But I can wait and wait and maybe some day I will hear back with an answer of Yes or No I have a picture.  In the mean time I will find others who have Mary and Andrew or their other siblings in the tree.  I will share these two pictures in a posting real soon and see what you think.  Is the nose similar, how about the lips. Are they related or not?

Rule 3: Treat Brothers and Sisters as Equals  Some times you can find some fun and interesting relatives.  Here is one Meet My Great Aunt 3x Removed the Postmistress of Greenwood Nebraska .  This was in the 1920's I find that exciting that she was busy and making her name in Greenwood Nebraska.  She never married and lived with her parents.

Rule #4: One Source Doesn't Equal Proof  Just because it is in the census does not make it correct. Even if it is on the death certificate that does not make it a fact.  Search, search and compare.

I love google to search for information. May never find anything but I am looking.  I really use swagbucks for my search because I get points every once in awhile. After I while I will turn these points into cash at pay pal or for a gift card some where. Have you tried out swag bucks for your search

Lets all follow these 5 rules of finding our family and  if we find a mistake that we know is a mistake lets take the time to pass on the error.  It may not get changed, but at least we have attempted to correct the error.

Thanks for stopping by lets all attempt to use these rules and use everything else as a clue only. Grace


Fearless Females Blog Post: March 6: Heirlooms

March 6 — Describe an heirloom you may have inherited from a female ancestor (wedding ring or other jewelry, china, clothing, etc.) If you don’t have any, then write about a specific object you remember from your mother or grandmother, or aunt (a scarf, a hat, cooking utensil, furniture, etc.)

I have shared several postings in the past of family treasures.  You can view them by going here.  I have shared about wedding rings, bibles and bears made out  of fur coats.  I am blessed to have treasures from my mother, aunt daisy, grandmas and grandpas and great grandparents.  The best treasures in my opinion are the family bibles.

Thanks for stopping by for Fearless Females, hope that you will take time to read other postings. Grace

Sunday, March 4, 2012


March 5 — How did they meet? You’ve documented marriages, now, go back a bit. Do you know the story of how your parents met? Your grandparents?

The story of my mother and dad meeting is sweet. Daddy was in town and docked as a merchant marine.  Went to church on Sunday and was invited to Sunday lunch at my grandma and grandpa's home.  He saw my mama's picture on the mantel, found out where she was working and went down to introduce himself.  That was in May and in October they married.  I love the story of how they met.

I do not know how any one else met in my family.  My own story is that my second husband was in town on business, happened to be a night club I was at and asked me to dance.

My first husband threw pop corn at my head in the movie theatre to get my attention.

I wish I knew how my grandparents met but I never asked. 

Thanks for stopping by for Fearless Females, hope that you will come back for more of my Fearless Females.  Grace

Fearless Females Blog Post 21 Marriage Records

Fearless Females March 4 Marriage Records  — Do you have marriage records for your grandparents or great-grandparents? Write a post about where they were married and when. Any family stories about the wedding day? Post a photo too if you have one.

Last year I posted that the only vintage marriage record I have is of my great grandmother Katherine Gallagher to Appleton Esler and it is into pieces. But I have it and it is beautiful.

What I do have are wedding photos of some of my family members.  Here is the wedding photo of my great aunt Grace to her first husband.  I shared a picture of her yesterday with my aunt Daisy for Sepia Saturday.
I shared this picture before of my great aunt Grace before here with a story of what was happening in the world when she married. Fun interesting piece of history around her. Aunt Grace married in Minneapolis, Minneapolis. Her husband was about 13 years older than her and they never had any children. 
I do know my aunt Daisy adored her and we girls and Aunt Daisy would take the train to the cities every year to visit Aunt Grace and her sister Aunt Gladys.  I remember it being hot and she had no air conditioner.  We would want to stand in front of the fan and she would not let us. She was afraid we would catch a cold.  They may be one of the reasons I felt she was crabby. This time frame would of been in the late 1950's or early 1960's.  We would stay at an old hotel down town within range of the train station.  The name of the hotel is gone from my memory, but I stayed there in 1966 with my first husband when we visited Minneapolis on our honeymoon.  It is long gone like so many buildings of my youth.

Thanks for stopping by for another posting of Fearless Females, please take a moment and read some of my other postings. Grace


For today's Obituary Sunday I am sharing the obituary for Robert Chassel Nolton.  Robert was married to Anna the sister of my great grandfather William Albert Day. Robert passed away the 20th of July, 1937. His obituary was published in local newspapers.

picture is of Robert and Anna (Day) Nolton 1926

ROBERT NOLTON LAID TO REST. FUNERAL FOR PIONEER HELD ON THURSDAY: INTERMENT IN CITY CEMETERY.  Robert C Nolton passed away at the Montevideo hospital on Tuesday after being ill for only a few days and was laid to rest in the city cemetery following services at the home Thursday afternoon.  Rev Nelson of Minneapolis officiated.  Mrs. A. L. Thulin sang a solo.  Pallbearers were Andrew Weber, Peter Tebben, R. F. Kirschbaum, Christ Kirschbaum, George Barber and L. D. Hilton.  the death of Rob Nolton takes from the community one of its fine old pioneers, a gentleman of the old school who held steadfast to its ideals and principals.  While the modern generation take to its motor cars, Rob and wife preferred the horse and buggy and continued to use this one mode of transportation they had become so used to through the many years.  For more than 50 years the Noltons have lived on the same farm in Minnesota Falls township.  Always friendly and always willing to do his share, then a little more, the death of Robert Nolton takes from this community a fine citizen.  Robert C Nolton was born in Rome New York in 1856 and in 1876 was united in marriage to Anna Jane Day.  In 1884 they moved to Minnesota Falls and lived on the same farm for 51 years.  To this couple six children were born, namely, Charles and Mary deceasedm Mrs. Clara Gatchell of near this city, Lonzo Nolton, living on the home farm, Mrs Lura Garbusch of this city and George W Nolton of Sioux City, Iowa.  Besides the children, his wife , 16 grand children and 6 great grandchildren survive.

Thanks for stopping by to view Obituary Sunday