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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Saturday, March 17, 2012


This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt is a tribute to the 100th birthday of scouting in the United States.

Scouting was a fun time for a young girl in the 1960's.  I was in the brownies and then the girl scouts.  Every week we would have a meeting at the leaders home and work on badges.

Here is a picture of me in my girl scout uniform.  To bad that it is faded.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fearless Females Post 26 Fearless Females My Mama and Polio

March 13 ~ Moment of Strength ~ Share a story where a female ancestor showed courage or strength in a difficult situation.
So many of these postings around fearless females end up being my mother. She was the strongest sweetest woman you could meet.
She showed us her strength and courage from the day she was diagnosed with polio until her death in 1998. A day does not go by that I do not think of her and remember her with so much love. My mom came out of this horrible disease alive, many did not. She was handicapped, wearing a brace and using crutches her whole life.
This never stopped her. She could of sat home and felt sorry for herself but did not.
She raised my sister and me and had two more children. Arthur Jr who passed away shortly after birth and my brother David. She was involved in the church and my school. She is my inspiration.
She loved her family and loved God. She was sweet, kind and generous. Even if money was tight for us as a family if she knew a friend of ours needed a winter coat that person would get a winter coat. She loved cookies, playing Yahtzee with family and people watching.
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Fearless Females Post 25 ~ Working Grandmas ~ 1910 Work Place

Fearless Females ~ March 12 ~ Working Girl

So many of my family members spent time in the home taking care of their families, but before marriage some of them did work.

I was surpised to find in the 1910 census that my grandma Grace worked as a telephone operator.  I do not remember her ever telling me that.  The census tells me she was 17 years old and living at home with her mother, step father and half sister Merle and half brother Wayne.

I do know that my grandma Alta taught school before marrying Grandpa Perry in Colorado. The year is 1910 and she is 17 years old and teaching in a public school.

Each of my grandmas worked before marrying after that they stayed home to take care of their families.
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Monday, March 12, 2012


No matter how the day is going a piece of cake with the girls can only make the day go better. The year is 1951 when this party took place. And I am sure the cake was homemade as was the frosting. The month is September and it is Janice's birthday, but September is my birthday and also my cousin Bonnies birthday. One cake can go a long way.  Janice is on the left, I am in the middle and Bonnie is in the high chair.  My one thought I am sure was "enough with the picture taking, how about some cake."

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Easter is almost here guys.  I always loved Easter, it meant a new hat to wear to church.  I am sure I did not get new gloves.  I usually wore an extra pair of my mother's.  But I did get a new hat for Easter and maybe a new coat.  Here are some of my youthful Easter outfits.
This is 1961, either someone said something funny to get me to grin or it is a bit of my shyness coming out.  That coat sure is busy for a little person. I never got to 4'11 and now am shrinking as I age at the moment I am 4 ' 10". Pretty big purse also don't you think.

A year later and another picture of me with my sister and cousin Bonnie. New hats, coats . My sister and I had matching coats, I think mine was beige and hers was blue. No purses in this picture. My sister is the only one wearing gloves and even is sporting a watch. This picture was 1962.

I just spotted this picture in my family album, same girls, coats and hats but this one is in color and this time my cousin Bonnie has the gloves on.  I guess they are the traveling gloves. And yes my coat is beige. I always loved that coat.

As we get closer to Easter I need to decide if I will find a fancy hat to wear to church or just go bare headed. Maybe I will even find a new coat for Easter.

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SUNDAY Obituary of Finnetta Gannaway Zion died the 12 August 1881 Pleasant Grove, Des Moines County, Iowa, USA

This last weekend I have been busy searching on ancestry and find a grave for relatives. Distant relatives but relatives.  I love to find the tombstones of family members.  It is that last piece of some ones life and when I see a family name on a tombstone I know that is my family.  If I am in the cemetery I will touch the stone and wonder about them.  If I am on line seeing a family stone for the first time I will touch my screen and wonder about this family member. 

Today I am featuring and remembering a family member through marriage.  This is the obituary of Finneta Gannaway who married one of my third great grand uncles Jacob C Zion.  Jacob was her second husband. Jacob is brothers to my third great grandfather McCormick Zion


On the 4th inst occurred the death of Mrs. Nettie Zion, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Shelladay, 4 miles northeast of New London.

Mrs. Zion was just recovering from a severe spell of sickness which had confined her to bed for several weeks,when she was again stricken down, this time with stroke of paralysis. In this, her last illness, she was unable to speak during the entire time, covering a space of more than 4 months, and a great portion of that time could not turn herself in bed.

The funeral took place at the church at Pleasant Grove, yesterday, and the remains laid to rest by the side of her last husband in the cemetery at that place. The services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Carter, of the C.P. church, of which she was also a member.

She was born in Buckingham county, VA, Aug.27th 1805. Was married to Wm. Williams, Aug. 1823, who died in 1833. Married again in July 1836 to Jacob Zion, who died Sept. 1869.

Her first marriage was blessed with six children, two of whom are yet alive, and three by her second, one of whom survives his mother.

Interesting family history tidbit is that Finnetta's sister Elizabeth " Betty " was married to Jacobs son John D. Zion. So John's sister in law married his father so she was his step mother and his sister in law.  And though only related through marriage interesting tidbit is that Finnetta's and Betty's parents William the 2nd and Sarah " Sally"  were cousins. Not sure if first cousins or later but still cousins which probably was some what common then.
Well that is it for Sunday Obituary sharing. Have a great day, and if you think we may be related please let me know.. Grace

Fearless Females Days Post 24 Food Religion and Mama

Where does time go last day I posted on Fearless Females it was March 6th. Now it is the 11th and I have missed 4 days of postings if you do not count today.  Where have I been or what has been happening in my life to space out these postings I had wanted to do.   Life has happened I guess. I get all wrapped in hunting for treasures, going to auctions, dealing with things happening in the family or even coming down with a cold and spending some time in bed to get a jump on it. So for those days I missed I will link up to last years postings and maybe even the 11th day of March.  So please take a moment and read about some of my Fearless Females.

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Fearless Females March 11th Tragic or Unexpected Deaths this is from last year and is about my dad's mother my grandma Alta.  I never got to meet her and that is tragic because my dad loved his mama so much.

Well I am now caught up with Fearless Females through today. Time will tell if tomorrow is new or a repeat from last year.  Thanks for stopping by and if you think we may be related I would love to hear from you. Grace