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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 16 Christmas At School

Advent Calendar - Day 16 Christmas At School .. I do not remember an awful lot of grade school, but I am sure we made Christmas cards for our parents and probably the chain for the Christmas tree out of construction paper.

I do remember being in 9th grade and being in the choir. We had a Christmas program, all dressed up in our best and singing Christmas songs. It was so much fun and exciting with our parents in the audience. My favorite song was " Winter Wonderland "

At that time I was crazy about Jeff and he was in the choir also. I thought he was so cute.

In a couple of months I would meet future husband # 1 and that would be the end of Jeff and me until 20 plus years later. We would meet again and date briefly after my divorce.

Memories are great... thanks for stopping by.. please visit again soon... Grace

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