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Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Christmas - Day 10 Christmas Gifts

Advent Christmas - Day 10 Christmas Gifts is what is the memory for today.

Christmas memories of my childhood are of a wonderful time. It was a busy time with getting ready for Church Christmas programs, decorating the Christmas tree and planning what we would buy as gifts.

It would start at Thanksgiving. As the grownups were in the dining room drinking their coffee my sister Mary, my cousin Bonnie and myself would sit in the kitchen trying to figure out what we would buy our Grandma and Grandpa Day. My cousin Cheryl was to little to sit in the discussion. I remember sitting in the kitchen looking around at all their belongings trying to figure out what they could use. The memory that brings me the greatest pleasure was the year we bought them a new canister set for their kitchen.

For these postings I am staying with my childhood and plan to print and give to children and grandchildren for them to read if they want to.
Times were different then from now. Money was tight and credit cards were not used. There was not a lot of presents but great thought and planning went into the gift. The money we spent was saved or probably given to us by our parents.

One Saturday we got on the bus and headed to Glass Block to find that canister set. The three of us were so proud and so excited to give it to them. The canisters were a beige and probably made out of plastic. They had little red figures on them.

We would give one present to them and another to my Aunt Daisy. Aunt Daisy usually got gloves or a sweater. One year we gave her a pair of sexy panties with red tassels. We thought this was so funny at that time. Giving our sweet maiden aunt something like this. Still makes me chuckle today. She just said " You naughty girls"

We would receive one present from the them. One year it was a doll, I think her name was LuAnne. I still have her. Her hair is a mess and her shoes are missing but I adore this wonderful doll. Another year it was a bride doll. I lost that one in a fire but found one at a toy show years later to replace her.

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  1. Hi Grace! This was funny - the maiden aunt probably didn't think so, tho'! I've enjoyed reading your blog, too. I've awarded you the Ancestor Approved Award! Go here


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