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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 2: Holiday Foods

This Blog is pleased to join with other GeneaBloggers around the world in presenting this Advent Calendar over the next 24 days leading up to the Christmas celebration. There will be a different topic each day. I will attempt to post on each of the topics.

This post is number 2 in a series of 24 for the 2010 Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.On the 23Rd Day of Christmas, I am supposed to talk about the Holiday Food.

I do not remember a lot of any special holiday food. As a child we would of been at my Grandma and Grandpa Day's house on Christmas Eve.

We would probably of had roast beef with mash potatoes , gravy, corn and rolls. And in the middle of the table there would be little sweet pickles, olives and small pieces of American cheese. Dessert would be after opening gifts and would of been apple pie with ice cream or pumpkin pie with real whip cream.

My grandma Grace and aunt Daisy would of done most of the cooking with the pies being brought by my mother or uncle Don. The adults would eat around the dining room table, my sister Mary, cousin Bonnie and myself would eat in the kitchen. My cousin Cheryl was five years younger than Bonnie and probably was in a high chair by big table.

The table would have a white table cloth and cloth napkins that had been pressed with an old Iron press. They would of used their best china plates and drink coffee out of fancy cups and saucers.

Christmas Day we would go back to our grandparents for sandwiches that were turkey, ham and cheese served on little rolls. It was a casual meal, a time for the grownups to visit and us girls to hide in the bathroom and tease my little cousin Cheryl by not letting her join us in the bathroom. We were so naughty to this little girl.

I remember the food was good and the atmosphere was warm and safe. It was always a wonderful time of the year.

I am doing these Christmas memories of my childhood only. I will print and give to my sons and grandchildren for them to read if they like someday.

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  1. I remember having a children's table as well. We always liked it because we didn't have to "mind our manners" so much!