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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Advent Day 23 Sweetheart Memories Las Vegas Style

Today is Day 23 of the Christmas Advent... Christmas Sweetheart Memories
Do you have a special memory of a first Christmas present from a sweetheart?

How did you spend your first Christmas together?

Hubby # 2 seems to have swept me off my feet. We had only known each other a few months. We were middle age, had been previously married and divorced to others. We knew that we had met some one we were comfortable with, some one we loved and we wanted to be together.

My soon to be hubby had bought me for Christmas a real pretty black suit to wear selling Real Estate. I had decided to stay through New Years at his place. It was about December 26th or 27th when he came home for lunch from work. Hubby the true romantic and a tax nerd announced " If we got married before the end of the year we could save enough money on our taxes to equal the cost of a trip to Las Vegas". Lets run away and get married.

Sounded good to me, so while he went back to work I got on the phone that afternoon. I was able to book 2 plane tickets, I found a chaplain at the " Missions Of The Bells" and got all the needed info for getting a marriage license. All I had left to do was to find us a hotel room. Now you need to remember that this was just days before New Years Eve. Everything is booked up. The only room I could find was on Las Vegas Boulevard, but was several miles from the casinos. It looked like the Bates Motel Las Vegas style. And best of all, it was within walking distance to a Denny's Restaurant. Now if you can walk to Denny's for breakfast it can't be all bad can it?

That night we called our parents and kids to share our plans. No one said anything negative but I am sure they thought we were off our rockers.

We flew to Las Vegas on the 29th of December. On the 30th we took a Limo to city hall for the marriage license, next stop was Mission Of The Bells. Our minister was toothless and a retired minister. He really was adorable in a funny way. We were lucky that I had friends who had moved to Las Vegas so we had witnesses to our wedding and to share dinner with us. Dinner was at Hugo's Cellar at the Four Queens. It was fantastic, total class and delicious food all paid by my bosses.

Next stop was some casino on the strip where hubby and I did a little gambling. We found nickel machines and were having the time of our life. Three o'clock in the morning came and I was tired. I said "sweetie I'm tired call me a cab" My darling bridegroom turned to me and said " your a cab"

First fight, picture a huffy bride walking out of casino mad, smart hubby grabbing his nickles, and running after said bride and yelling " cab".

This was almost 22 years ago and we are still adoring each other. Over the years we have made a few trips to Las Vegas for New Years and to celebrate our marriage. I think the Mission Of Bells may be gone but we always do a little gambling at Four Queens and remember our first trip to Las Vegas.

And he has brighted up and has not called me a cab since.. but we do chuckle over it every year on our anniversary.

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