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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Surname Saturday Rhiordan Family Line Ireland to Wisconsin

This picture is of Johanna and Patrick with two of Bridget's children before 1898.

Tonight for Surname Saturday I am at the Rhiordan family line using an Ahnentefel Report.

I know really nothing about this family and have searched very little. It is a real brick wall for me.
My great great grandmother Johanna Riordan came from Ireland in the 1850's. She married Patrick Gallaher another Irish immigrant. Did they marry in Ireland and travel to USA or did they meet and marry. Sadly I have no idea.
They lived and died in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and are buried there.

For now this is what I have on this line

1. Grace Zion daughter of 3. Muriel Day and 2. Arthur Zion

3. Muriel Day daughter of 7. Grace Daly Esler and 6. William Henry Day

7. Grace Daly Esler daughter of 15. Katherine Gallaher/Gallagher and Andrew Daly. Katherine and Andrew never married.

15. Katherine was born 10 May 1874 La Crosse Wisconsin and died 19 March 1940. She married Appleton Esler of Minnesota. With Appleton, Katherine had two more children Merle Esler 1906, and Jesse Wayne Esler 1909.

Appleton had two children before he married Katherine, Tillie and Russell. They were raised by Appleton and Katherine. My mother and her siblings never knew Andrew Daly and thought of Appleton as their grandfather.

15. Katherine Gallaher/Gallagher daughter of 30. Patrick Gallaher/Gallagher and 31. Joanna Riordan

31. Johanna Riordan was born about August 1833 in Ireland and died in La Crosse, Wisconsin the 12th of July 1902. Johanna married Patrick Gallaher before 1866 ( 1838 - 1898). Together they had four children, Mary 1866, Bridget 1869, William, and Katherine 1874. Mary never married and William died early so there is no descendants from either of them.

At http://www.ancestry.com/ I have listed her father as Dennis but I need to prove this and find out her mother's name.

My clues are to see if I can get death certificates for them and then to find family that is related through my great grandmother Katherine.

She had a sister Bridget that married and had children. This will have to be my link to them.

I also have some old photo albums that belonged to Katherine and maybe her sister Mary. I will need to pull these out to see if there is any hints there.

At one time a distant cousin contacted me through http://www.ancestry.com/ . On my to do list is to contact this person again. I saved her email to me so I do know what she has found so far. Even though she offered to share copies with me this has not happened as of yet.

Thanks for stopping by.. please come back again soon.. Grace

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