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Friday, December 24, 2010

Advent Calendar - Day 24 Christmas Eve

Advent Calendar - 24 December: Christmas Eve .. Oh the memories of Christmas past will be with me over the next days.

Christmas eve was always a time we spent with family as a child and continues to today. As a child we of course went to my grandparents house for dinner and gifts.

As a young married adult we would switch every year to one parents or the others.

Now that we are older and on our second marriages Christmas goes for several days or even a week or two a part. We need to spend time with this child or that child and scheduling it all around the weather and their jobs.

This year we will be at one of my son's house where my other son, grandchildren and even my ex husband and his wife will all meet.
Tomorrow we will be with my oldest step son's with his family. Next week it is off to see my youngest step son and family. That week is chosen because grandson Carter is in a hockey tournament and we can see him play as well as celebrating Christmas.

So with us Christmas eve is busy time and trying to work around every one's families and celebrating the time and our families. ... grace

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