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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Christmas - Day 9 Grab Bag Topic

Advent Christmas - Day 9 Grab Bag I am suppose to come up with my own topic of a memory.

My most treasured memory is of the warmth of Christmas time spent with my parents and grandparents and uncle and aunts. They are all gone in body, except for my Aunt Lil, but always close to me in my thoughts and heart.

The house would be warm in temperature, full of light and laughter, great food and the smell of coffee for the adults. Us girls would get a bottle of ginger ale and then egg nog later on.

I miss them all daily but it is hardest at Christmas time.

These memories are around my childhood so I can print and give to sons and grandchildren for them to read if they ever want to.
The picture above shows my Grandma Grace, Grandpa Bill and left to right me, Cheryl ( in front) cousin Bonnie and my sister Mary.

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