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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Surname Saturday -- Eddington Family

Tonight is Surname Saturday and I am sharing my Eddington family.

(1.) Grace daughter of (2.) Arthur and (3.) Muriel

(3.) Muriel Day daughter of (6.) William H Day and (7.) Grace Esler /Daly Day.
Muriel married Arthur Zion October 1943.
Muriel and Arthur had four children. Muriel passed away February 1998.

(6.) William Henry Day was born 21 October 1889 to (12.) William Albert and (13.) Carrie Lockwood Day.
William married Grace Esler/Daly. William and Grace had 5 children.
William passed away 21 February 1964.

(13.) Carrie Lockwood was born 07 October 1870 to (26). John Lockwood and (27). Betsy Eddington Lockwood.
Carrie married William Albert Day.
Carried passed away April 1946.
This picture is of William H holding my aunt Daisy. On the left is Carrie Lockwood Day and on the right is her mother Betsy Eddington Lockwood.

(27.) Betsy Eddington was born 01 October 1842 in New York to (54.) Augustus and (55.) Henrietta Curtis Eddington.
Betsy married John Lockwood. John and Betsy had four children.
Betsy passes away April 1946 in McGregor, Minnesota.

(55.) Augustus Eddington born March 1819 in New York parents unknown at this time.
(55.)Augustus married Henrietta Curtis and had 7 children.
Augustus passed away 07 September 1903 in Rock county, Wisconsin.

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