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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Line Thursday William Bella Millsap Great Grandfather 3x Great

Recently I have been putting together the records I have on William Bella Millsap and decided to start a time line on his life to help me see what I have and to help search for more.

1797 10 January born to Robert and Marcia (Lacy) Millsap in Green, Tennessee
1821 26 July married ElizabethMcGuyer at the age of 24 years old Lawrence, Indiania
1822 daughter Nancy is born
1824 son Gamaliel is born
1825 daughter Elizabeth is born Lawrence, Indiania
1830 is living in Indiania
1832 son Flavious Armenenious is born ( my grandfather)
1835 son J A is born
1835 wife Elizabeth passes away
1837 married Jane Bunch in Washington Indiania
1837 son Irenus is born
1839 wife Jane passes away
1850 residing in Flinn, Lawrence, Indiania with daughter Sophronia and sons Flavious and Irenesus
1856 living in West Fork, Iowa
1870 living in Decatur, Decatur, Iowa
1880 census has him living in Boon, Bates, Missouri with son Flavious and his family
1885 census has him in Bloomington, Decatur, Iowa with Flavious and his family
1885 15 August passes away in Decatur City, Decatur, Iowa
I am putting a copy of this in family note book with Bella's information and in my traveling research binder so I can remember all the states he lived in with family.

Thanks for stopping by... Grace

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  1. Hello Cousin!
    I am the 3rd great granddaughter of William Bela Millsap and Elizabeth McGuire! Please contact me at pjensenfamily@gmail.com