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Monday, December 13, 2010

On This Day December 13 Harriet Carpenter Is Born

On this day December 13, 1814 my third great grandmother Harriet Carpenter Christman Anderson Cocagne was born to Harmon and Phebe Christman Carpenter in New York.

Harriet's first husband was Daniel Christman who probably was some relative of Phebe, Harriet's mother.
Harriet had two children with Daniel naming them Daniel Christman and Monica.
Harriet's husband Daniel passed away and her son Daniel went to live with his grandfather. After this his name was changed to Carpenter. It is a mystery to why Harriet would send her son to live with her father and let him adopt him. Her son did inherit a large portion of Harmon's estate.
Harriet second husband was Levi Anderson who is my third great grandfather. Harriet married Levi Anderson the 26th of August 1837 and together they had 7 children, Betsy my great great grandmother was the oldest, Abram, Phebe, William, George, Fairfax, and Welcome.
Levi either passed away or they separated or divorced and then Levi died. This is a mystery still to us. We know he died somewhere around 1858. I have not been able to find him in the 1860 census. There was a newspaper article that had a Levi Anderson being found dead in the snow and alcohol being the reason. This was after reports of our Levi dying. The date we have comes from one son but what is the real truth. Did he really die in 1858 or later. Need to hunt for a death certificate.
Some time between 1860 and 1870 Harriet moved to Zumbro Falls, Minnesota with her sons.
Harriet third and last husband was Charles Cocagne. They were married the 24 of September 1872. They are buried together at Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Zumbro Falls, Minnesota.
Happy birthday Grandma Harriet.

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