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Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishing You A Merry Christmas With A Few Thoughts From Me

Meet my great nephews and neice .. are they not adorable.. Boy do I miss seeing those faces weekly.
As this wonderful Christmas holiday approaches us I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and pray that we all welcome in a wonderful New Year. I pray that our next year is better and more prosperous than the last for all of us.
As we share the holidays with our family and friends lets please think and pray for those that are less fortunate then us.
Pray for the hungry, the homeless and those suffering from addictions , diseases and mental illness. My one thought always is " but for the grace of God there go I ".
Lets take a moment and pray for our service men and service women. And for those that are in harms way in a foreign country give them an extra thought and prayer. Pray for their families that are left here to deal with every day happenings without them. The majority of them do so much for so little.
Lets pray for our government officials that they have the wisdom to do what is best for all of us and the knowledge to do it with out fighting.
If you are still blessed to have your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts be thankful. Take a moment to hug and kiss them. Take a few minutes and ask them to share their stories with you. Some day sadly they will be gone and you will then wish that you knew more of their history.
I am reminded of a conversation at my hubby's birthday party. I made a comment about getting married the first time and my step son and his family had never heard that story. I have been married to husband #2 for almost 22 years. We celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 30Th of December. They know very little about my history. That is probably my fault and maybe some of theirs.

This is hubby and me 10 years ago at a dinner theater on New Years eve. Guess it is time to get a new nice picture of us. He still has the tie and I probably still have that outfit. Question is can I still get into it.
So much contact today is emails and text messages. I personally detest text messages saying
" happy anything " Take a moment and call your family. Here a voice and say I love you to some one. When I get one I just delete it as if it did not happen. Except for one text message from my grand daughter Kirsten. She sent me one and it is of a loud " Kiss " and "I Love You"
I play it often. It was not sent for a birthday, Christmas message or any reason other than she thought of me and sent it. Grandpa got one too. Thanks Kirsten I smile when I replay it.
I am busy always searching and writing about my ancestors but I guess it is time to do some sharing of my life in writing. How I wish I had more of my parents, grandparents and past relatives stories. There are so many stories untold. As I share some of my life on my family blog site I have been printing some of them so I can give to family in the future.
Now with all of that I will leave you for now. It is time to make another pot of coffee, put on one of my favorite Christmas movies " Love Actually " with Hugh Grant and make my Watergate Salad for our Christmas eve party tonight.
I appreciate all of you that take a moment to visit my sites and to those of you who leave a message an extra thank you . Merry Christmas to you and your families .. Grace

Advent Calendar - Day 24 Christmas Eve

Advent Calendar - 24 December: Christmas Eve .. Oh the memories of Christmas past will be with me over the next days.

Christmas eve was always a time we spent with family as a child and continues to today. As a child we of course went to my grandparents house for dinner and gifts.

As a young married adult we would switch every year to one parents or the others.

Now that we are older and on our second marriages Christmas goes for several days or even a week or two a part. We need to spend time with this child or that child and scheduling it all around the weather and their jobs.

This year we will be at one of my son's house where my other son, grandchildren and even my ex husband and his wife will all meet.
Tomorrow we will be with my oldest step son's with his family. Next week it is off to see my youngest step son and family. That week is chosen because grandson Carter is in a hockey tournament and we can see him play as well as celebrating Christmas.

So with us Christmas eve is busy time and trying to work around every one's families and celebrating the time and our families. ... grace

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Advent Day 23 Sweetheart Memories Las Vegas Style

Today is Day 23 of the Christmas Advent... Christmas Sweetheart Memories
Do you have a special memory of a first Christmas present from a sweetheart?

How did you spend your first Christmas together?

Hubby # 2 seems to have swept me off my feet. We had only known each other a few months. We were middle age, had been previously married and divorced to others. We knew that we had met some one we were comfortable with, some one we loved and we wanted to be together.

My soon to be hubby had bought me for Christmas a real pretty black suit to wear selling Real Estate. I had decided to stay through New Years at his place. It was about December 26th or 27th when he came home for lunch from work. Hubby the true romantic and a tax nerd announced " If we got married before the end of the year we could save enough money on our taxes to equal the cost of a trip to Las Vegas". Lets run away and get married.

Sounded good to me, so while he went back to work I got on the phone that afternoon. I was able to book 2 plane tickets, I found a chaplain at the " Missions Of The Bells" and got all the needed info for getting a marriage license. All I had left to do was to find us a hotel room. Now you need to remember that this was just days before New Years Eve. Everything is booked up. The only room I could find was on Las Vegas Boulevard, but was several miles from the casinos. It looked like the Bates Motel Las Vegas style. And best of all, it was within walking distance to a Denny's Restaurant. Now if you can walk to Denny's for breakfast it can't be all bad can it?

That night we called our parents and kids to share our plans. No one said anything negative but I am sure they thought we were off our rockers.

We flew to Las Vegas on the 29th of December. On the 30th we took a Limo to city hall for the marriage license, next stop was Mission Of The Bells. Our minister was toothless and a retired minister. He really was adorable in a funny way. We were lucky that I had friends who had moved to Las Vegas so we had witnesses to our wedding and to share dinner with us. Dinner was at Hugo's Cellar at the Four Queens. It was fantastic, total class and delicious food all paid by my bosses.

Next stop was some casino on the strip where hubby and I did a little gambling. We found nickel machines and were having the time of our life. Three o'clock in the morning came and I was tired. I said "sweetie I'm tired call me a cab" My darling bridegroom turned to me and said " your a cab"

First fight, picture a huffy bride walking out of casino mad, smart hubby grabbing his nickles, and running after said bride and yelling " cab".

This was almost 22 years ago and we are still adoring each other. Over the years we have made a few trips to Las Vegas for New Years and to celebrate our marriage. I think the Mission Of Bells may be gone but we always do a little gambling at Four Queens and remember our first trip to Las Vegas.

And he has brighted up and has not called me a cab since.. but we do chuckle over it every year on our anniversary.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ( Almost) Birthday Greetings From Grandma Day

I have been going through piles and piles of pictures, letters and cards. I have been the keeper of all since sometime in 1998.

My plans all these years has been to sort, make copies and put in family history binders and share with cousins, children, grandchildren.

My grandmother Grace and grandfather Bill Day sent me lots of birthday cards the first years. We lived in Texas and they were in Minnesota at that time. I have not been able to find any Christmas cards as of yet.

Here is a very pretty Birthday card that was sent to me September 1949. I was one year old and the first grandchild. Within days my cousin Bonnie would be born.

I am sharing this post on gratituesday

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of my memories. Now back to the piles of treasures. Grace

Advent Calendar Day 22 Christmas and Deceased Relatives

Advent Calendar - Day 22 is about Christmas and deceased relatives.

As a young child we did not visit the cemetery at Christmas. Growing up in Minnesota the grave stones were covered deep with snow and some of the cemetery is even closed due to road conditions.
As an adult with my parents and grandparents gone Christmas is not the same with out them.

I have been spending time these last days going through boxes of pictures and scanning them to put on http://www.ancestry.com/ and attempting to put some organization to them. That has brought a lot of smiles to my face as I look at old pictures.

Recent finds

Great Grandma Mabel Coleman Hall mother of my grandmother Alta Hall Zion

My grandpa Perry Zion with his cart full of milk cans on the way to the barn. Grandpa passed away December 21, 1958

This is my great aunt Mary. Back of picture says second adult back row. Does not tell me left or right side. I am thinking left but who knows. Probably taken in Wisconsin. I need to date picture better so I have a better idea. Mary was born in 1866 -1934

Great uncle Russell Esler taken in Mora Minnesota. I love the hat

And last is my daddy taken in Texas late 1940's with one of his many cars. He loved his cars.

Some of these relatives I was lucky to meet and some left before I was born. I love these old photos.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Great Great Grandfather John T Lockwood

For Tombstone Tuesday I am featuring one of my great great grandfather's John T Lockwood.

John was born the 12 of February 1840 Columbus New York to Hiram and Emma (Moiser) Lockwood and passed away 13th of February 1911.

John is my civil war hero and was with the Wisconsin Calvary. He served one year and did his brother Ferdinand.

John married Betsy Eddington in Wisconsin 25th of September 1863 and together had four children Rosa, Carrie Estella and John. Carrie is my great grandmother.

John lived most of his years in either Fon du Lac Wisconsin or Big Stone Minnesota. His later years were he suffered with a lot of pain. I was able to view his Military papers and copied all of his requests for money for his disability and not being able to work due to the war.

John is buried in Clinton, Big Stone, Minnesota. This picture of his tombstone was taken by Morgan222 and I am thankful to have found it on http://www.ancestry.com/.
Rest in peace Grandpa ...

Advent Calendar Day 21 Christmas Music

Today the memories for Advent Calendar Day 21 is all about Christmas music.

1) What songs did your family listen to during Christmas?
Christmas songs as a child would of been " Joy To The World", "Silent Night", "Little Town of Bethlehem" for example.

2) Did you ever go caroling? I never went caroling but did sing in the Church choir and 9th grade choir

3) Did you have a favorite song? My favorite song was "Winter Wonderland" . As a teenager I loved Christmas songs sung by Elvis and to this day turn the radio up when Elvis is singing anything. And of course there is the old time classic of " Grandmother Got Ran Over By A Rain deer".

As I type this we are in the middle of a winter wonderland. It snowed last night big time in some areas of Duluth, Minnesota.
The school are closed in the area. Depends on where you live to how much snow you got. I am guessing we got 6 inches and other places in the area probably got 8 t0 10 inches of snow.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Amanuensis Monday 04 Mama's Letters To Family 1952 The Threat Of Polio Is In The Air

Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the TransylvanianDutch blog) started his own Monday blog theme many months ago called Amanuensis Monday.
What does "amanuensis" mean? John offers this definition:"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Today I am sharing a letter I have come across that my mother wrote to her family June 1952. She wrote this on letter head from a company my father either worked for or had worked for.

Here is a little back ground. My parents moved to Texas so my father could go to bible college. They lived in Highland and Bay town and I was born in San Antonio so they lived there also.

Mama came down with the terrible disease of Polio in 1952 and they did not expect her to live, but she did live to the age of 76. She was 30 years old and the mother of two adorable little girls.

Bay town, Texas
June 8, 1952

Dear Mom, Dad, Daisy, Lil, Don & Bonita

Just a short letter tonight as I'm not feeling a bit well. I've had the flue yesterday & today & really feel weak. I was terribly sick yesterday I ache all over and had a fever of over 102 degrees. Today my fever is down but I still ache & and I have a sore throat. It's so hard too when I'm sick as there are things that just have to be done, such as taking care of Grace (me 3 3/4 years old) & Mary (1 3/4 years old). If I was dying I'd have to stay up. I was a little afraid to as there's so much Polio going around and my neck felt stiff. & I hurt all over. The day before ( Friday) I took Mary & had the doctor give her a shot of Penicillin as she had a real high fever. He said it was caused by a real sore throat. She had the fever Thursday evening too. She's been feeling fine yesterday & today. I probably should of had a shot too as It takes a while for it (flu) to wear off & I feel like I've been in bed two weeks I'm so weak.

Arthur has been doing quite well the last week. He took a drop in sales the last 2 weeks of May. He changed from selling to teachers to Federal Employees & it took a couple weeks to get things to rolling again. I'm enclosing a letter from Mr. M of the World Insurance Co. Of course I have to brag about my daddy a itty bit ha!.

Well daddy you, Arthur & Don will be big shots next Sunday as it's papa's day. Arthur kids me & asks if he can have breakfast in bed. I say " No, indeed, I didn't get breakfast in bed on Mother's day."

She goes on to write about sending a mother's day card to Bessie my father's step mother, her cousin Don having to go into the arm service. Then ends with

Well, I must close soon. I'm not very newsy tonight I'll write more later when I get to feeling better. Pray for me.

love and kisses Muriel & all.
On June 14th 1952 my father sent a money order and message to my grandparents saying that "my mama was doing fine. Meet you Monday afternoon. "
From the newspaper that same date there is an article saying see she went to the hospital in an ambulance. My father probably did not want to worry them to much or could be he never wanted to think things were as bad as they were.

I am so glad that have these and other family letters. I feel it is so sad that so much is said on the Internet instead of written word that can be passed on.

that's me with the mouth open trying to catch flies I think and my sister in front of the house we lived in at that time. We really lived in half of it since it was a duplex.
This last year my sister and I went to visit Bay town and at the library we were able to print newspaper articles of when my mother was in hospital. I will continue to share these over the next days and will making copies to give to my sister, brother and children.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little of my family history with me.. Grace

Advent Christmas Calendar Day 20 Religious Service

For day 20 of the Advent Calendar the question is ... Did your family attend religious services during the Christmas season? What were the customs and traditions involved?

Being that my father and uncle were ministers religion was a big part of our family. They both had other occupations to support the families but were also part time ministers.

My father had a small church for a few years and my uncle was the family minister for weddings and funerals. Some where I have a picture of my sister and cousin on the church stairs in our Spring coats.
At Christmas time we would have church services and Christmas programs. Wonderful memories of a close family all year long and even so at Christmas time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sentimental Sunday Meet My Great Grand Aunt Etta Anna Zion

I just found this photo on http://www.ancestry.com/ in the last few days. It was posted by a distant cousin Soozinn3 on her family page. After contacting her I learnt she had inherited the photo and was happy to share the photos with relatives.

I would like to introduce you to my great grand Aunt Etta Anna Gertrude Zion

Etta was born 21st of September 1868 Decatur County, Iowa and passed away 31st of December 1890 Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa.

She was only 22 years old and I really know very little of her. How did she die so young. Was it an accident or illness that caused her early death.

She was born to John Henderson and Mary (Cassell) Zion and had four siblings Mary, William, Jonathan Adam ( my great grandfather).

I find this photo very interesting. She appears to be in her early 20's so close to the time she passes away. She is holding on to a pole which could be an umbrella and there is someone standing next to her, but all you can see is an arm and a shoe and a small part of his body.

I went to Soozin family page on http://www.ancestry.com/ to see what she had on Etta and found that Etta had married a Maley Percy the 20th of August, 1890 just two months before her death. How sad is that.

From that knowledge I feel this could be a wedding or engagement picture with Maley and for some reason some one left him out of the picture when they had this printed. Could this even be a postmortem photo printed after she passed away to show she had died? That is what I think it is.

Another interesting fact is the Iowa Cemetery Records have her listed as Etta G Zion. She is buried in the Lillie cemetery where her parents are buried.

The more I think of her, the more I want to know about my great grand aunt Etta Anna Gertrude Zion.

Advent Calendar Day 19 Christmas Shopping

As I was growing up and into my early adult years, Christmas shopping was done some time during December. I do not remember any Black Friday or people lining up at the door for deals. And of course it was not left till Christmas eve.

By the time Christmas eve came gifts were bought, wrapped and placed under the tree. Time was spent at Christmas programs at school and church.

Christmas gifts were always done on a budget, you knew what you would save and money was hopefully put in a savings account every month.