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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Surname Saturday Rhiordan Family Line Ireland to Wisconsin

This picture is of Johanna and Patrick with two of Bridget's children before 1898.

Tonight for Surname Saturday I am at the Rhiordan family line using an Ahnentefel Report.

I know really nothing about this family and have searched very little. It is a real brick wall for me.
My great great grandmother Johanna Riordan came from Ireland in the 1850's. She married Patrick Gallaher another Irish immigrant. Did they marry in Ireland and travel to USA or did they meet and marry. Sadly I have no idea.
They lived and died in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and are buried there.

For now this is what I have on this line

1. Grace Zion daughter of 3. Muriel Day and 2. Arthur Zion

3. Muriel Day daughter of 7. Grace Daly Esler and 6. William Henry Day

7. Grace Daly Esler daughter of 15. Katherine Gallaher/Gallagher and Andrew Daly. Katherine and Andrew never married.

15. Katherine was born 10 May 1874 La Crosse Wisconsin and died 19 March 1940. She married Appleton Esler of Minnesota. With Appleton, Katherine had two more children Merle Esler 1906, and Jesse Wayne Esler 1909.

Appleton had two children before he married Katherine, Tillie and Russell. They were raised by Appleton and Katherine. My mother and her siblings never knew Andrew Daly and thought of Appleton as their grandfather.

15. Katherine Gallaher/Gallagher daughter of 30. Patrick Gallaher/Gallagher and 31. Joanna Riordan

31. Johanna Riordan was born about August 1833 in Ireland and died in La Crosse, Wisconsin the 12th of July 1902. Johanna married Patrick Gallaher before 1866 ( 1838 - 1898). Together they had four children, Mary 1866, Bridget 1869, William, and Katherine 1874. Mary never married and William died early so there is no descendants from either of them.

At http://www.ancestry.com/ I have listed her father as Dennis but I need to prove this and find out her mother's name.

My clues are to see if I can get death certificates for them and then to find family that is related through my great grandmother Katherine.

She had a sister Bridget that married and had children. This will have to be my link to them.

I also have some old photo albums that belonged to Katherine and maybe her sister Mary. I will need to pull these out to see if there is any hints there.

At one time a distant cousin contacted me through http://www.ancestry.com/ . On my to do list is to contact this person again. I saved her email to me so I do know what she has found so far. Even though she offered to share copies with me this has not happened as of yet.

Thanks for stopping by.. please come back again soon.. Grace

Creating A Family Itinerary # 1

In today's emails I received a FREE offer to sign up at New England Historical Genealogical Society. I am only getting a limited search area but a great start to see what I can find on my family lines. And best of all it does not appear to be on a time limit.

I was wandering around there for just a few minutes but I know I could spend hours just reading articles there.

Check out for yourself if you like . My dream is to spend some time this next year traveling and searching for family along with seeing sites of interest and meeting people along the way.

The article that interested me this morning was "Coming Home to New England: Creating a Family History Itinerary" by Maureen A. Taylor

Back in march of this year I wrote on this same topic with the hope of traveling when we got to Minnesota in August. Sadly this never happened for a couple of reasons.

Here is that article..

Be sure to pack the following tips when you visit your ancestor’s home so you can hit the ground running when you arrive.
Before You Leave:
Jot down addresses. Use city directories and street addresses from census records (you’ll find these in the left-hand margin in 1880 and beyond) at Ancestry.com.
Copy photos.
Look through the Ancestry.com postcard, newspaper, and yearbook collections to add to the collection of photos of the neighborhood you already have.
Get oriented.
Pull up a map online or select the town name from your ancestor’s profile in your Ancestry.com family tree. Use street views, when available, so you can see what the street looks like now – and when you get there. Keep in mind that street names and numbering may have changed over the years.
Local libraries, historical societies, and municipalities may have this information. For example, the Chicago Historical Society has posted street address conversion guides from 1909 and 1911 here. City directories can also contain this information.
In Person:
Find an expert. Visit the local library, visitors’ bureau, or historical society to ask questions about the neighborhood. See if historic tours are available. Learn what’s available.If finding in-person records are your goal, ask about what’s available at the library and the historical society. Visit the county courthouse to search for land and probate records.

Take in everything. Use your camera to recreate scenes from the old family photos you brought along.
Follow the paths your ancestor would have taken to school, to church, to work.
Get the real story. Stop by the local diner, sit at the counter, and start asking questions about what life used to be like there. Name drop – someone might have known your family.

Make notes. Pack a diary or start a blog (where you can also upload photos) and write about your experience. Note who you met, what you saw, and where you went.
You’ll want to revisit everything when you return home.Pinpoint answers.Snap photos at the cemetery of your ancestors’ tombstones and other ones you might find interesting (maybe you’ll discover you’re related one day your family is connected to them, too).
Have a GPS phone, camera, or other device? Jot down GPS coordinates of the places you’d like to visit again.

The New England Genealogical Article goes into more detail and worth the read if you are interested in doing travel research. I really love the part on going on historical tours where family lived but first things first.

The first goal is to start with making a list of all the places your ancestors lived and when.
We can find those place names probably in the genealogical documents we have accumulated—court records, census documents, and more.
Next they should be organize by surname (for a family specific trip) or by place name for a more general family history tour.
These records will depend on where and when our family lived.

This will be my first step: to go through the information I already have and list where my ancestors lived by state then area including which family lived there and when.

First stop is my own state, Minnesota and next will be Wisconsin since they will be the easiest to visit. Now to find my map and grab another cup of coffee.

Hope that you will join me on my plans to travel in search of my family roots. Grace

Advent Calendar Day 18 Christmas Stocking

Today is the 18th day of the Advent Calendar and the posting is about Christmas stockings. As a child I probably had a Christmas stocking but the memory has faded. If I did it would of been filled with small gifts , maybe a toy and fruit.

As a young adult I embroidered stockings for my boys. A few years back I gave the stockings to my sons to have in their own homes. They were so pretty when new, but with time they show their age and have yellowed. I do remember having a great time making them.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Bytes For The Week

For Best Bytes I enjoyed reading a posting that was just written by My Tangled Vine.

She gave us a link to free newspaper articles and some of what she has been able to find on her family. Sadly when I clicked Decatur County to see if there was anything on one of my families there was little transcribed as of yet.

I have hope that more will be transcribed in the future for me to read from my home computer..

I have also enjoyed reading this week the postings of benotforgot. She has been sharing newspaper articles about a murder in the family. I have always been a little morbid I guess and have a couple of unsolved deaths in my family.

These are just a couple I have enjoyed this week.

Advent Calendar Day 17 Christmas Memories

Some of the best gifts are family heirlooms

Advent Calendar Day 17 Christmas Memories... During the last years my mother was with us every year she would give us gifts of her favorite treasures as Christmas gifts .
This is one of my favorites. It is a brooch that my mother bought as a gift for my grandmother Grace about 1942.
She gave me a note in her handwriting telling me that it cost her $12.00 which was a whole weeks wages and tips. She worked at the Asia Cafe, the same cafe my father went to and introduced himself to her after seeing her picture on my grandparents mantel.
I posted about this brooch before on December 10th 2009. It is one of my most priced possessions.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 16 Christmas At School

Advent Calendar - Day 16 Christmas At School .. I do not remember an awful lot of grade school, but I am sure we made Christmas cards for our parents and probably the chain for the Christmas tree out of construction paper.

I do remember being in 9th grade and being in the choir. We had a Christmas program, all dressed up in our best and singing Christmas songs. It was so much fun and exciting with our parents in the audience. My favorite song was " Winter Wonderland "

At that time I was crazy about Jeff and he was in the choir also. I thought he was so cute.

In a couple of months I would meet future husband # 1 and that would be the end of Jeff and me until 20 plus years later. We would meet again and date briefly after my divorce.

Memories are great... thanks for stopping by.. please visit again soon... Grace

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On This Day December 15th Mandania Saxton Grover Reynolds Died

On this Day December 15th Mandania Saxton Grover died in 1855 in Fredonia New York. Mandania was born February 12th 1815 in Vermont. Father's first name unknown at this time. Mother's name was Mandania Saxton.
Mandania married John Gilbert Reynolds. To this marriage at least eight children were born. Louisia Maria was one of them and is my ancestor.
I know very little of Mandania at this time. She died at the young age of 39 years old. She has a story that needs to be told some day. Mandania is one of my 3rd great grandmothers on my father's side of the family.
Rest in peace grandma Mandania.

Advent Calender Day 15 Holiday Happenings

For today's posting of Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories December 15 we are to share Holiday Happenings.

Were any of my ancestors born, marry or die on or about Christmas?

I had searched December for my " On This Day " Postings. I found that my 3rd great grandfather McCormick Zion passed away December 26th 1863.
McCormick was born January 22, 1795 in Virginia to John W Sr and Lucy McCormick.

McCormick was married twice, first to Sally Stuart with whom he had Sarah Zion. Sally died young some time before 1818. McCormick then married Mary Gobble shortly after Sally's death in 1818. McCormick and Mary had four children, Eliza , Mary, John Henderson ( my ancestor ) and Andrew.

I am thankful for each one of my ancestors. Because of them and their lives I am who I am. They once again come alive as I search and learn about their lives. This is why I will continue to tell their stories.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday William Albert and Carrie Lockwood Day

For Tombstone Tuesday I am remembering my great grandfather and great grandmother William Albert and Carrie Lockwood Day. My hubby and I went to Sacred Heart, Minnesota a few years back and found their gravestones. I previously wrote on these great grandparents should you be interested in more information on them. Should you find you are related through them I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by today for Tombstone Tuesday .. grace

Advent Calender Day 14 Fruit Cake

Advent Calender Day 14 Fruit Cake .. oh the dreaded fruit cake. As a young girl there was always fruit cake on the dessert table. Some one in my family must of ate it, but I am not sure who. I did take a taste once years ago, no thank you on the fruit cake

My thought is if some one gives it to you, pass it off to some one else. A great regifting idea.
Hope everyone is doing good as Christmas gets closer and closer. i have to get out there and finish my shopping.. maybe tomorrow... Grace

Monday, December 13, 2010

On This Day December 13 Harriet Carpenter Is Born

On this day December 13, 1814 my third great grandmother Harriet Carpenter Christman Anderson Cocagne was born to Harmon and Phebe Christman Carpenter in New York.

Harriet's first husband was Daniel Christman who probably was some relative of Phebe, Harriet's mother.
Harriet had two children with Daniel naming them Daniel Christman and Monica.
Harriet's husband Daniel passed away and her son Daniel went to live with his grandfather. After this his name was changed to Carpenter. It is a mystery to why Harriet would send her son to live with her father and let him adopt him. Her son did inherit a large portion of Harmon's estate.
Harriet second husband was Levi Anderson who is my third great grandfather. Harriet married Levi Anderson the 26th of August 1837 and together they had 7 children, Betsy my great great grandmother was the oldest, Abram, Phebe, William, George, Fairfax, and Welcome.
Levi either passed away or they separated or divorced and then Levi died. This is a mystery still to us. We know he died somewhere around 1858. I have not been able to find him in the 1860 census. There was a newspaper article that had a Levi Anderson being found dead in the snow and alcohol being the reason. This was after reports of our Levi dying. The date we have comes from one son but what is the real truth. Did he really die in 1858 or later. Need to hunt for a death certificate.
Some time between 1860 and 1870 Harriet moved to Zumbro Falls, Minnesota with her sons.
Harriet third and last husband was Charles Cocagne. They were married the 24 of September 1872. They are buried together at Pleasant Prairie Cemetery, Zumbro Falls, Minnesota.
Happy birthday Grandma Harriet.

Advent Calender Day 13 Holiday Travel

As children we never traveled at Christmas. Christmas was spent in Duluth Minnesota with my grandparents Day. My grandfather Perry lived in the state of Washington and would send a gift to us. Probably was his second wife who really sent the gift. Sadly I do not remember any of these gifts. I do have letters he wrote and mentions me and how he felt and that is the best gift possible. Will find those letters and share another time.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 12 Charitable / Volunteer Work

Advent Christmas - Day 12 Charitable work is what is the memory for today. As a child I do not remember much other than putting money in the Salvation army bucket.

As an adult I have done some but not enough. Always give money to Salvation Army to help them. One year served dinner there with a girl friend. She was Jewish and I was newly divorced from hubby 1. Boys were with father so I went with her. Was a great experience.

In California worked with another friend filling bags of food for the needy. That was a good experience but not as much as when I worked with my friend Fern serving dinner.

On This Day December 12th My Grandpa Perry Was Born

Today is December 12th 1886 and in my grandpa Perry was born in Kendal Kansas to Jonathan Adam and Rachel Millsap Zion. Grandpa Perry married Alta Hall and together they had 5 children. Grandpa Perry moved from Kansas to Craig Colorado were the last four children were born and then on to Winlock, Washington where he raised his children and Angus Beef.

Sadly I grew up in Minnesota and only saw grandpa Zion probably two times, remembering only the last time. I remember getting up early in the morning to help him gather eggs.

Grandpa passed away December 21, 1958.

Happy birthday grandpa, I love and miss you.